Lift delivery efficiency and accuracy

Chainway logistics solution helps improve logistics visibility, increase delivery speed and accuracy, and facilitate vehicle tracking.


With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, logistics industry has realized rapid expansion. According to data from CECRC (China Electronic Commerce Research Centre), the number of express parcels has exceeded 45 million every day. The heavy workload makes express delivery rather slow. Lack of real-time access to logistics information and low level of automation result in low working efficiency, high operational costs, delayed transportation and dispatch, and most seriously, customer dissatisfaction and complaints. These paper-based labor-intensive operations will be replaced with more intelligent technologies such as barcoding and RFID. 

Chainway provides you with IoT-enabled handheld computers and telematics-based vehicle-mounted computers. The various options of wireless connectivity enable all kinds of mobile applications in the field; powerful battery ensures working continuity under intensive circumstances; high ruggedness makes it workable under harsh conditions; an integrated features like GPS and camera increase accuracy and reliability. Chainway products will help you see through your logistics process, improve operational efficiency, make optimal use of resources, and boost customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Management

Effective warehouse management is the key to avoid supply shortage or surplus. It mainly involves processes of receiving, inventory tracking, picking, putting away and warehouse inspection. Chainway Android-based handheld computers with unrivaled data capture capability have greatly enhanced productivity with less labor costs. Warehouse administers can have real-time visibility into all information uploaded to speed up turnaround times and optimize replenishment plans.

Distribution Center Management

Parcels are likely to experience several transits in multiple distribution centers. It’s never a good thing if parcels arrive at a distribution center without being handled instantly. With accurate logistics information of one shipment, distribution center operators will know the next stop of a pallet of products. Real-time data can also help enterprises keep their most important assets—commodities in complete control.

Fleet Management

Vehicle is one of the most important assets in logistics, thus, it’s critical for logistics enterprises to have a remote control over them on the go. ​With GPS functionality, administrators can accurately track driving route and obtain real-time vehicle location; OBD data tells vehicle health and drivers' driving behaviors; 4G connectivity sends all these captured data to the backend server. Chainway telematics vehicle-mounted computer V600 dynamically monitors drivers, vehicles and cargo. 


Delivery is the final step to enhance customer satisfaction. Customers will feel secured if they have real-time access to their orders' status. From the side of delivery men, they can have customers confirm pickup by signing their names on Chainway handheld devices. Electronic records of delivery To administrators, they will know clearly every step of every delivery from warehouse floor to customer door.​


Deliver better customer satisfaction

Chainway solves existing retail issues with innovative, purpose-built products and services that streamline workflows and deliver superior user preference and improved bottom line results in retail.


Retail is a challenging business and the pressures of today’s economic conditions are resulting in even more selective consumer shopping and spending in both physical stores and e-commerce. To stand out from retail industry, it's important for store managers to have flexible tools that allow them to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands. IoT devices including RFID/barcoding capable handheld computers and telematics-based vehicle-mounted computer came into being at just the right time to improve inventory accuracy and streamline retail processes.

In chain store management, warehouse management and fleet tracking & delivery, RFID reading, 1D/2D barcode scanning, GPS, and camera technologies are applied to improve outcomes. Specific processes which bothered administrators in the past are now easily realized.

Chain Store Management

Store associates can scan items' 1D/2D barcodes or UHF/HF/LF RFID tags to promptly check details like stock level, price, and stock location. Customer experience has been enhanced as they can receive response immediately. Accurate inventory counting and real-time inventory data transmission to the backend system enables retailers to have a more transparent viewing of each chain store's sales and stock data.

Warehouse Management

Data capture devices automate the time consuming and labor-intensive stock-taking process. By scanning barcodes or RFID tags which are applied to goods, intelligent data capture of flows from receiving, inventory tracking, picking, putting away to warehouse inspection are easily realized. Then data are uploaded to the backend system over wireless network in real time so that warehouse administrators can have timely access to all information for analysis and decision-making.

Fleet Tracking & Delivery

Telematics-based vehicle-mounted computer tracks fleet on road. With GPS and OBD module, it records vehicle status and location; with monitoring sensor and camera, it monitors cargo condition and drivers behaviors; with wireless connectivity, it sends captured data to the backend server for real-time inquiry and future analysis.

Atención Sanitaria

Leverage Healthcare Intelligence

Chainway healthcare PDA and mobile healthcare software aim to bring an all-round improvement to enhance patient safety and process efficiency in mobile healthcare.

Atención Sanitaria

The world is more connected. Barcode and RFID technologies are more and more valued in healthcare these days.
Chainway provides mobile healthcare information solution based upon IoT and Cloud computing technologies, integrated handheld computer and compatible software, seamlessly connected to HIS, EMR systems through Wi-Fi or 4G networks. By incorporating all these into the workflow of the nursing staff, our solution aims to bring an all-round improvement to the hospital's health care system.

Patient Admission

How to fast and accurately identify a patient and gain instant access to that patient’s essential information during healthcare process is the key to improve both the quality of care and patient safety. Barcoded wristband gives every patient an electronic ID, which is essential to patient verification.

Medication Administration

Medication administration error (MAE) is one of the most common types of adverse events for hospital admitted patients, and the most frequent cause of preventable death. In order to provide the highest degree of patient safety, clinicians must track medications throughout the healthcare process using barcode/RFID-enabled healthcare mobile computer.

Vital Signs Collection

On a regular basis, nurses need to collect a patient’s vital signs to help assess the patient’s general physical health. This data is input on Chainway healthcare mobile computer and transmitted to the hospital’s HIS system for real-time tracking and further analysis.

Access Information

That healthcare providers have quick access to the information they need at the point of care decides how fast hospital staff can respond to emergencies and make critical decisions. The accountability, accuracy and mobility of medical data will benefit both hospital and patients.

Blood Bag Management

Effective inventory management of blood products can be a matter of life and death. As a routine of medical work, blood transfusion is riddled with the potential for error in a manual system.

Pharmacy Management

In healthcare, you have to keep your pharmacy operations as efficient and accurate as possible. That is, right drug and proper dose should be dispensed to the right patient in time. Especially in dispensing prescription drugs, a pharmacist should always compare medications against prescriptions.

Specimen Collection

Collecting specimens plays an essential role in making a critical diagnosis. It is the beginning of the point of care, and only the correct medical sample labeling and identification can keep patient safe and treatment effective.

Laboratory Management

To issue accurate diagnosis, doctors reply on accurate test result of patients’ specimen. Marking and tracking lab samples and specimens with barcodes is a highly effective method for preventing errors before they enter into caregiver workflows.

Medical Equipment Management

Hospital equipment ranges from basic wheelchairs and IV stands to sophisticated multimillion dollar imaging machines laboratory equipment. Such assets, especially valuable equipment, have to be tracked for a financial accountability and the ability to respond immediately to an emergency.

Inventory Management

Having a full visibility of medical consumables, knowing where medical equipment are at the point of care, and managing confidential documents well are all reasons why managing inventory is important to healthcare institutions.

Medical Waste Management

Hospital deals with medical waste on a daily basis. These wastes, especially hazardous waste and chemical waste, need to be handled properly before it becomes dangerous to the population and the environment.

Real-time Communication

Effective communication among nurses and other healthcare professionals determines how fast a healthcare institution can make informed decisions and improve patient care.


Promote Finance Security

Chainway banking solution enables administrators to have real-time monitoring of cashbox handover and movement, at the same time, to authenticate identity of escort personnel.


With the rapid expansion of global economy, nowadays banks generate substantial cash flow both in its bank vault and between its outlets every day. Frequent financial escort brings challenges to financial institutes in processes of cashbox identification and tracking, and identity verification of cashbox escort personnel. Traditional manual operations are laborious, inefficient, inconvenient and inaccurate. At the same time this is accompanied by frequent crimes committed in financial field where bank vault and bank cashboxes bear the brunt, endangering financial security and social stability. At this point, to choose a bank-specific barcode scanner or RFID reader with reliable performance is essential.

Chainway handheld devices with barcode scanning, RFID reading and writing, GPS positioning, wireless communication technologies, fluent Android operating system, powerful battery life as well as large storage capacity are perfect to meet the demand for financial escort management. The bank can track where its cashboxes are, who has its cashboxes, and when its cashboxes are due for arrival.

Cashbox Management

Each cashbox first is equipped with a barcode or a RFID tag that each contains unique electronic information. By an easy wave, the unique information can be read and verified. Cashbox identification then becomes more convenient and efficient. Information added on a PDA can be automatically transmitted to the backend database, enabling convenient and accurate tracking of movement of bank cashboxes. The administrators can also have real-time monitoring of cashbox handover and movement.

Identity Verification of Escort Personnel

Escort personnel who are given a mobile computer need to enter a username and password to get permission. The fingerprint of escort personnel is also recoded or each is equipped with a unique RFID tag. Put their fingers on the PDA or use PDA to scan their tags to verify their identity. It ensures secure and smooth handover; deals with the emergency during the escort.


Increase warehouse visibility from here

Chainway mobile computers coordinate flows of receiving, picking, putting away, inventory tracking and warehouse inspection in a smarter warehouse.


Warehouse is a storage facility that receives goods and eventually distributes them to consumers or other businesses. Warehouse management is the process of coordinating the flows of receiving and putting away, making an inventory, sorting and picking, and finally, shipping goods to their proper destinations. Precise and effective warehouse management is the key to make the supply chain profitable. It requires that at every step, accurate information is recorded.

Chainway mobile computers transform paper-based data recording and manually inventory counting into automate electronic data capture and transmission. Based on Android system and integrated with 1D/2D barcode scanner, UHF/HF RFID reader, GPS positioning, clear camera, and 4G/3G/Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, those mobile computers increase accuracy and productivity when warehouse workers manage goods. Due to the real-time data transferring, you will have a more connected and smarter warehouse while enjoying an enhanced visibility into all uploaded information to speed up turnaround times and optimize replenishment plans. Later in shipping, Chainway telematics-based vehicle-mounted computers monitor drivers’ behaviors, fleet’s condition, and cargo status in real time to ensure on-road safety.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse operators can easily know the quantity and type of a bunch of received products by scanning their 1D/2D barcodes or RFID tags with Chainway mobile computers. Those data will be automatically sent to the warehouse’s backend server under 4G/3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. In put-away, Chainway mobile computers intelligently assign all products to their suitable storage slots. Pick path is also generated and transmitted to Chainway mobile terminals wirelessly so that workers can always pick the wanted products in the shortest time.


Workers scan barcodes or RFID tags with Chainway mobile computers to confirm that pallets and parcels are being loaded on the right trailer. Every truck is equipped with a Chainway vehicle-mounted computer to perform a safe and efficient shipping. This vehicle computer has an OBD port to transmit the truck’s OBD data, GPS to locate the vehicle, multiple cameras to record drivers’ behavior and cargo’s condition, and 4G wireless connectivity to transfer all captured data to the backend platform in real time. Fleet administrators can have an enhanced visibility into this shipping.


Set up a complete traceability system

With Chainway PDAs, an errorless electronic profile of each animal is available to facilitate farm management; a complete "from-table-to-farm" traceability system is established to assure customers.


With frequent occuring of food safety problems and increasing requirements for higher living quality nowadays, more attention has been paid to food safety, especially to animal food. Many farm managers still routinely use traditional technologies, such as branding, barcodes, and tattoos. As the owner or manager of a livestock farm, it is important to stay up-to-date on what is occurring in the industry for strategic management of the business. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a better solution in this case, enabling livestock identification and tracking services to enhance customer confidence.

The application of electronic animal ID technologies is a growing trend in the livestock industry and plays an important role in food safety supervision and inspection. Chainway intelligent solution integrating PDA, barcode, RFID and network technologies can help record and manage information throughout processes from animal feeding, slaughter, processing, and transportation to sales. It helps build an efficient system of animal management that provides animal food with a complete "from-table-to-farm" traceability. The solution provides a standard and efficient system to protect animal farms from disease outbreaks.

Farm Management

Each animal is attached with a RFID tag on the ear or foot at the time when it was born. Since then the breeder can use Chainway handheld devices to continually set, collect, and store information during animal growth. Information about animals can be recorded throughout the entire growth process from birth to slaughter. These electronic records ease off farm workloads, improve feeding accuracy and eliminated paper-based manual operations.

Process Supervision

During processes of market supervision, regulatory authorities require all trays/packages and price tags have RFID tags inside. Detailed records like origin, name, type, grade, and price are all written into the electronic tags. All information can be obtained through the background database so that the whole process is under supervision. In addition, it is possible to recall meat immediately to avoid or minimize the harm to the public once security problems are found. Chainway integrated solution provides animal food traceability from production, processing, transportation to points of sales.

Delivery Management

To ensure full traceability, trays or boxes contained with fresh meat are equipped with RFID tags before transportation. Then they are delivered to the designated supermarket or points of sale along a predetermined route. GPS can realize real-time monitoring of fleet locations. When they arrive at delivery destination, just wave the PDA to read RFID tags to confirm receipt. Chainway solution is here to achieve real-time tracking and monitoring during animal food delivery, improving work efficiency of distribution and receipt.


Realize automatic meter reading

Chainway PDAs integrated with custom-made function modules realize automatic meter reading with the maximum accuracy, facilitate periodic asset inspection and lift staff management level.


As meters (electricity, water, natural gas) are located throughout a wide geographical area (either indoors or outdoors), the workload is heavy and efficiency is low when meter reading personnel knock on each resident’s door and enter their house for data collection. Errors often happen because of misidentifying a given meter or wrong transcript. Those paper records are not easy for saving and not convenient for future inquiry. What’s more, the administration center can't be informed of the problems founded immediately during inspection. A delayed reaction to a sudden abnormal situation may cause catastrophic losses. Besides, effective supervision and management for meter reading personnel can't be achieved.

Facing so many challenges, now more and more energy companies are piloting Chainway’s RFID or Infrared solution designed for meter collection, facility inspection and staff performance assessment. Intelligent meter readers eliminate manual recording and data input, decreasing chances for human errors. They can also handle a flood of data every day, making sure all data are accurately collected. In the meantime, automatic billing can be realized once the consumption details are uploaded to the central database. During daily inspection, field workers only need to carry a portable and rugged mobile computer with them to receive daily assignments or report breakdowns.

Meter Reading

Chainway PDA integrated with the custom-made functions modules including barcode scanning, RFID (LF/HF/UHF), infrared, Wi-Fi, camera or GPS to realize automatic meter reading, solving problems caused by manual reading and recording. Also the backend system accomplished seamless connection to the group's ERP system, so the collected data can be transmitted in real time via wireless communication technologies. In this way, work efficiency and accuracy can be greatly improved.

Routine Inspection

The solution is available for the government or other private companies as well, to help them conduct routine inspections, pinpoint each facility’s location, and track their employees for performance assessment. After the deployment of Chainway mobile computers, we see a rise in working efficiency and accuracy, management level and enterprise profits.

Gestión de Flotas

Fleet Management

Based on Android system, Chainway V600 collects driving data by fingerprint scanner, HF RFID reader, OBD module, GPS, external camera and monitoring sensor, and transmits the data wirelessly to the backend server for real-time monitoring and future analysis.

Gestión de Flotas

Vehicle safety is a vital part in road traffic safety. Your vehicles are computers on wheels generating massive amounts of data. Chainway vehicle-mounted computer V600 helps you collect and handle these data in order to improve on-road safety.

Based on Android system, Chainway V600 collects driving data by fingerprint scanner, HF RFID reader, OBD module, GPS, external camera and monitoring sensor, and transmits the data wirelessly to the backend server for real-time monitoring and future analysis. V600 identifies drivers and passengers by scanning their fingerprints or IC cards, or recognizing their faces with the help of an external camera and a face recognition app. That provides new possibilities for enhancing vehicle security.

Real-time collection and transmission of OBD data, including speed, fuel consumption and RPM, etc., to the back-end server, enables both drivers and fleet managers to be informed of malfunctions, or dangerous driving behaviors.

Accurate GPS provides accurate information of a vehicle’s location, estimated time of arrival and the best route. Geo-fences ensure a driver to drive with following the designed route. If a vehicle deviates from the route, V600 will send an alert to the backend server.

You can also connect V600 with cameras to guard personnel safety and cargo security. Administrators have real-time viewing of vehicles via wireless connectivity. Any dangerous behaviors or intentional violations will be supervised. If accidents occur, those video feeds can be replayed as evidence.

Other value-added services include providing passengers with Wi-Fi hotspot, and showing them region-based advertisements based on GPS coordinates. In case of emergency, drivers or passengers can press the emergency button to send SOS message to the backend server, which enhances transport safety.

These capabilities empower V600 to be applied in almost all kinds of vehicles, including school bus, transit bus, taxi, touring coach, freight truck and dangerous goods truck. Overall functions and the ability to connect external devices meet your actual needs in order to realize an efficient fleet management.